Here at Constructions-411 we are always alert to new market players as well as established veterans in the pump fields.  We get asked all the time who makes the me bets anchor pumps, the pumps that are most reliable and at the best prices.  After looking into the matter and scouring the industry for feedback.  The name that kept coming back to us over and over was Anchor Pumps of the UK.  Why are they considered the best?

One, the huge variety of pumps they sell and service.  Their range of central heating pumps is astounding and they have models to fit every need.  Are you on a budget, no problem, with free UK delivery on all their pumps, it is always a good deal to shop Anchor for your pump and drainage needs.

Two, their pricing is continually the best in the UK.  You cannot find the quality and reasonable prices that Anchor has in any other dealer in England.  Their pricing on industry leading brands like Grundfos is not matched by anyone else.  It is hard to find pump supplier that carry top of the line brands and have competitive prices.  It is usually a case of “either this or that” but with Anchor you are able to shop the best brands online and get delivery quick and easily.  The pricing is very reasonable and they stand behind all the products they sell.

Anchor Pumps was founded in 1986 by Ken Rowe, who has been directly involved within the pump industry since 1976. Anchor Pumps under the guidance of Warren Holmes (Managing Director) is based in Warrington, Cheshire, located in purpose built offices and workshop facilites, having outgrown the original premises in Northwich.

Their website is fast and easy to navigate and has an easy to follow checkout process.  The major brands they carry are all listed on the main URL and with ordering options like quantities and “search by need” easy to find and navigate.

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Under most circumstances, the problems a team will encounter on a new construction project are virtually the same as what they will encounter on an addition or renovation project.  In fact, renovations and additions are usually a little easier, in that essentials like power and water are already supplied on the property. The diplomatic difficulties of working within or adjacent to an occupied space notwithstanding, a renovation or addition can usually be counted on to be less fraught with problems than beginning a new project from the ground up.

A notable exception to this rule can be caused by problems already present in the property upon which you are renovating or attaching the addition. Water damage, insufficient electrical, or foundation problems can all stop a project dead, but a more insidious problem is one of insect infestation.

A termite infestation, in particular, can cause tremendous heartbreak in that the effects of building an addition to an already-infested building might not be noticed for months or years.  However, nothing is worse than having to tear down perfectly good, essentially brand-new work in order to repair the damage caused by termite damage. It is therefore critical to have a termite inspection prior to having work done on a building where infestation is suspected. It’s entirely possible that such an inspection will reveal no cause for concern, in which case, you may move forward with your renovation or addition safe in the knowledge that it will not be destroyed by pests.

On the other hand, if you do discover a full-on infestation, well, better to discover it and eradicate it prior to putting an expensive new addition on top of it. A reputable exterminator like Terminix Pest Control can provide you with a fast, guaranteed solution to your pest problem as well as provide peace of mind regarding future infestations with a termite bond.

In short, it is best to be confident that you are not building or renovating in a pest-infested property, and with very little effort, you can either reassure yourself that no such problem exists, or arm yourself with the knowledge needed to solve the problem.

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Generators are like air; as humans, we cannot live or function without an ample supply to oxygen. It is a vital resource that we need. Similarly, generators are imperative for businesses. Losing power can be extremely detrimental on your revenue, and core functioning.
Certain businesses need a reliable back-up supply in case they suffer a power failure. They don’t necessarily want it, but it is crucial to ensure that a process is in place that you can depend on, should you suddenly lose power. It is a viable means to getting back on your feet, quickly.
In what situations would a generator be really, really helpful?

• Hospitals
It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand why hospitals might need to retain power, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
What would happen to the life support machines and the patients? How would doctors be able to use electric tools in surgery? Simply put, this is a situation in which a generator could save a life.

• Construction sites
Construction sites depend on a power supply to run their tools, such as a power drill and cement mixer. What would happen to the residents on your building development site if the mains supply was cut; how would they have running water or heating? Temporary power can be obtained via generators.

• Industrial estates
Industrial estates vary in size from just two, to 40 offices. What would happen if all of those computers no longer worked? How would businesses communicate with their consumers?
If employees cannot function, neither can the business and ultimately, income will be affected.

• Prisons
Prisons need a power supply to keep all the inmates secure and locked away. A back-up system is imperative, or the prisoners could escape.
What would happen if a guard went into a cell and the security footage was cut? Very dangerous scenarios can derive from no power supply.

• Data centre
Date centres hold important pieces of information. What would happen if the information got deleted, lost or worse, stolen? The IT systems must run 24/7, or the data could get into the wrong hands.

• Festivals
You have queued for four hours in the middle of a cold, wet field to get right to the front of a concert. Your favourite artist walks onto the stage, and the crowd goes wild.
However, when the music starts, the stereos blow and the organiser is left with thousands of music fans very angry and upset.

Not a very good scenario, but music venues can avoid such dilemmas with generators that have secure power voltage.

• Waste water pumping
If you have never heard of a waste water pumping station before, they have a very important role within a community. They remove waste water from areas where natural drainage is difficult. An example would be a low-lying land. If the system failed, business properties could be at risk of flooding.

So there you have it; 7 situations in the business world when generators are a lifeline. Do you work in any of these industries and have you ever experienced a prickly predicament due to a power cut? We’d love to hear your stories!

This article was written by Lauren Grice on behalf of Mather and Stuart, the go-to-experts for generator hire. Don’t get left in the dark; visit the site today for specialist, reliable equipment.

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Hybrid homes have become all the rage in recent years, as more and more people look to save money while also decreasing the size of their carbon footprint. Energy saving measures are being sought left, right and center, and a hybrid home could just be the best option yet.

First of all though, just what is a hybrid home?
The term ‘hybrid home’ may seem confusing to come people, so let’s set the record straight. A hybrid home is usually considered to be any property which is built with a timber frame and is completed with modern construction methods.

Why is this done? Because the timber frame can provide the property with many energy saving properties, while the modern building materials also bring their fair share of green techniques to the table. This union can create beautiful buildings that are incredibly environmentally friendly.

What are the main benefits?
Some of the biggest and best benefits of hybrid homes include:

- Cost effectiveness
Hybrid homes can cost much less to construct than other options. This is because they generally require less labor to construct thanks to the timber frame, meaning you could shave a whopping 10-25% off the cost of your home build.

- Green standards
Most hybrid homes are built to be as green as possible, with reclaimed timber and other recycled materials being used in the construction. You can also specify other energy saving features within your home, such as natural roof insulation and solar panels that can provide your property with its own energy source.

- Attractive features
You can ultimately choose the overall appearance of your new hybrid home, but you should find that all of the options available are very aesthetically pleasing. You can be as involved in the planning as much as you like, or you can leave it up to the company which you use to set everything out for you.

How much do hybrid homes cost?
There is no set answer for this question, as it really all depends on a number of factors. For instance, the cost of your house build will depend on:

- The size of your hybrid house
- Any additional features which you request
- The company which you use
- The materials used within the build

However, many of the green features which you can include (such as solar panels and rainwater collection systems) can help you to save money over time.

Hybrid homes are becoming even more popular as the recession continues, so you should definitely consider this kind of property.

This article was written by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Flat Pack Houses, a company offering American flat pack houses.

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As a famous commercial once said, “I am not only a member, but also the president.” I not only can recommend as a great way to clean up a slow or stuck up septic system on reviews, but I personally tried it out.

I received two tin containers from I container had the “septic shock” treatment and the other contained a 6 month supply of maintenance packets.

The first surprise was how big the shock package were when I held them in my hand. I thought, “there is no way I am putting this down my toilet.” After I dropped one shock treatment in, I watched as the coating dissolved and the internal ingredients were set free. I tried the shock packages on our two most active toilets. With 3 boys and a wife, we need to get the pipes moving a bit quicker.
Wow, was I surprised. worked great at clearing the pipes and creating better water flow. I have not actually climbed into my septic tank and seen what is going on, but based on results it looks like the system is creating the right bacteria levels to keep things moving along.
I am working through the much smaller maintenance packages now. They are very easy to work with, just drop the bag in a toilet or sink, and flush. That’s it. The product is very clean to work with and showing great results in my home.

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